HIQA highlights concerns over abuse protection at two Donegal centres

HIQA has raised concerns over the protection of residents from abuse at two Donegal centres.

Brentwood Manor, Convoy was found to be non-compliant in a number of regulations inspected during a recent unannounced visit while the quality and safety of care provided at St Eunan’s Nursing Home, Letterkenny is said to have required significant improvement.

Out of 19 regulations reviewed at St Eunan’s Nursing Home, 6 were not compliant and 9 substantially compliant.

The quality and safety of care required significant improvement while the provider is said to not have taken all reasonable precautions to protect residents from abuse as a newly recruited member of staff did not have Garda vetting in place.

During the visit, the inspector had to intervene when residents appeared distressed as their care needs were not attended to.

Infection prevention and control also required improvement and it was noted the pharmacist had not visited the centre since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a provider, Brentwood Manor Private Nursing Home in Convoy’s risk management processes did not ensure risks were effectively identified and managed.

Two residents who had a history of responsive behaviour were found to not have appropriate behavioural support and a safeguarding care plan.

The inspector was not assured also that all reasonable measures to protect residents from abuse were in place as not all staff were up to date with mandatory safeguarding training.


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