48 hosts in Donegal receiving Accommodation Recognition Payment for housing Ukrainian refugees

There are 48 hosts in Donegal in receipt of Accommodation Recognition Payment for housing Ukrainian refugees as number increased by over 500.

Figures released by the CSO have revealed there are currently 3,740 Ukrainian refugees living in Donegal.

The Accommodation Recognition Payment (ARP) is a tax-free payment of €400 per month for each property used to provide accommodation to refugees from Ukraine.

48 hosts in Donegal are currently receiving the monthly payment.

The number of Ukrainian refugees living in Donegal has increased by 540 from 3,200 to 3,740 since the start of September.

Donegal Town is home to the highest number of Ukrainians at 1,268 while 696 live in Glenties and 531 in Letterkenny.

There are 430 Ukrainians registered as living in North Inishowen, 402 in Milford and 276 in Lifford and Stranolar.

The lowest intake is in South Inishowen with 137 registered.

There are currently 246 children enrolled in primary school while 85 pupils are enrolled in secondary school education in Donegal.


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