New MAG committee announced

A new Mica Action Group committee has been elected with Lisa Hone being named as the new Chairperson.

Every member of the MAG Committee is either directly affected, or has family affected by the defective block crisis, some both.

Lisa Hone takes over the role of Chairperson from Eamon Jackson as the leader of the voluntary group for affected homeowners.

George Hill taking on the Deputy Chair role and Róise Ní Laifeartaigh assigned as the new PRO, to replace well known campaigner Michael Doherty.

Other Committee Member roles were assigned to Mary M McLaughlin as Treasurer, Tricia Sullivan as Secretary and Michelle Diver, Co-Secretary and member of the Media Team alongside Robin Hamill, Tommy Walsh and Gerry Hone.

Key areas that were identified as requiring immediate focus are the unacceptable paralysis of the current scheme and the lack of alternative housing for those needing to leave unsafe/unhealthy houses immediately.

Other issues include the provision of temporary accommodation during building work and the lack of provision of practical and emotional support for those affected.

In addition, the Committee say they recognise the importance of matters such as the details of the regulations and roll-out of the revised scheme, review of IS465, excluded homes, the need for accountability via a public inquiry.

Roisin Gallagher has had to step down from the Committee to allow her sufficient time to focus on other
personal campaign projects.


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