GPA reveals new expenses and training agreement with GAA

Details of the Gaelic Players Association’s 2023 charter agreement with the GAA have been released.

In December and January,  five inter-county collective training sessions are permitted.

Outside of these months, four sessions per week will be held.

There will be no cap on squads, meaning that panels are no longer restricted to 32 players for training and reimbursement.

The standard rate where a player travels on their own to training has risen from 65 cent per mile to 70 cent per mile.

A new green rate of €1, is payable where two or more players travel together.

With a focus on car-pooling, the GAA is hopeful that there will be considerable savings.

The mileage rate in Northern Ireland will be 45 pence.

In another new development, students who have inter-county commitments will receive a bursary of €300 each.



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