HIQA publishes inspection reports into two Donegal nursing homes

HIQA has published reports into the care provided at two nursing homes in Donegal, both of which required some improvements.

Aras Mhic Suibhne in Laghey, which had 47 residents at the time was inspected in April, while Hillcrest Nursing Home in Letterkenny with 30 residents was inspected in August.

Eight non compliances were found in Aras Mhic Suibhne and seven in Hillcrest.

Compliance plans were subsequently presented to both facilities.

The inspection report for Aras Mhic Suibhne finds that residents were positive about the care they received in the facility, but the nursing care in the centre required improvements.

The report says in addition, the governance and management in the centre did not support safe and effective oversight of the care and service provided.

Non-compliances were also noted in the areas of premises, infection control, fire precautions, individual assessments and care plans, health care, and the management of challenging behaviour.

Fig 1 – Non compliances at Aras Mhic Suibhne

In the case of Hillcrest Nursing Home in Letterkenny, inspectors found that residents’ needs were being met by staff who knew them well, and they were very happy living there.

However, the report notes while there was an established management structure, improvements were required in a number of areas, including governance and management, staffing, infection
prevention and control, assessment and care planning, premises and notifications.

Fig 2 – Non compliances at Hillcrest Nursing Home


The full Aras Mhic Suibhne Report can be accessed HERE

The full Hillcrest Nursing Home report can be addressed HERE



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