Public consultation on herring stock management in NW to be launched

A public consultation on herring stock management in the Northwest is to be launched.

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Mr Charlie McConalogue, has launched the consultation on the back of a request from the NIFF and North RIFF.

Minister Charlie McConalogue has confirmed that a process on a review of the 2012 Herring Management Policy, in relation to the quantity of herring set aside from the southern North-West herring stock for smaller/ inshore fishing vessels is to commence.

He says; “Inshore fishing families are the linchpin of rural coastal communities and it is important that we continue to seek ways to improve fishing opportunities for this sector.”

The 2012 Herring Management Policy sets aside 5% of the quota for vessels under 20 metres that did not have a qualifying track record for the fishery.

Minister McConalogue says he is open to considering amendments to that to ensure inshore vessels have a reasonable allocation available.

Stakeholders are due to be invited shortly to submit their views.

Following the consultation, a decision on any justified amendment to the 2012 Policy on a short or long-term basis will be made.


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