HIQA publish reports into designated centres for people with disabilities

HIQA have published an inspection report on St Martin’s House Community Group Home, a designated centre for people with disabilities.

4 residences were in attendance during the unannounced inspection in April.

The centre was found to be non compliant on the 8 regulations which were being assessed.

These were governance and management, premises, risk management procedures , fire precautions, health care, positive behavioural support, protection and residents’ rights.

The HSE noted that the report highlights positive interactions between residents and staff and that these interactions were kind and respectful.

Meanwhile, management have outlined the measures they are taking to address the issues identified.

A link to the report in full is available HERE.

HSE Statement:

Re HIQA Inspection – St Martin’s House – OSV 0002508

St. Martin’s House Community Group Home is managed by the HSE and provides residential care and support to four adults with disabilities. The centre comprises of a three bedroom detached bungalow in Co. Donegal and is in close proximity to a rural town. Two residents have single occupancy bedrooms while the third bedroom accommodates two residents. Communal facilities include a kitchen-dining room, a small sitting room, a utility facility, shared bathroom facilities, an office and staff bathroom.  The centre is staffed on a 24/7 basis and has a skill mix of nurses and healthcare assistants.

The centre was inspected by the Health Information & Quality Authority (HIQA) on April 9th 2024 and the report was published on the HIQA website on July 9th 2024.

The HIQA inspector highlighted in the report on St. Martin’s House that there were positive interactions between residents and staff and noted the interactions were kind and respectful.

On the day of inspection, eight regulations were inspected and were deemed not compliant. 

The HSE has taken the following actions to address the non-compliant judgements:

  • A property, which was ready for occupation, has been extensively renovated in a nearby location for the residents of St. Martin’s House to relocate to on an interim basis. This is whilst new accommodation is being built within the area local to St. Martin’s House. Due to building development issues outside of HSE control, the original replacement accommodation identified for the residents of St. Martin’s House in their local area had been significantly delayed. The residents of St. Martin’s House moved to their newly renovated, interim property on 5th June 2024.
  • Safeguarding Plans and risk assessments have been reviewed and update.
  • Residents’ care plans and risk assessments have been reviewed and update and Speech & Language Therapy recommendations have been implemented.
  • Residents’ Positive Behaviour Support Plans have been reviewed and updated.
  • Staff have completed Human Rights Based Approaches training modules.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans have been reviewed and updated.

The HSE will continue to work to maintain a high standard of quality care to the residents of St. Martins House both in their interim accommodation and in their future new home.