Council expects to raise €4 million this year from holiday home tax

Donegal County Council says it expects to raise 4 million euro this year from the holiday home tax.
If that figure is realised, it would bring the total yield through the tax in Donegal to 12 million euro.
The Non Private Principle Residence charge was first introduced in 2009.
In a statement Donegal County Council said it has received a very positive response to the recent initial letters that have issued to those who have not yet paid the NPPR charge in Donegal.
The demand letters were issued to a number of individuals who the Council has identified as being liable but who had not yet paid the charge.
The Council has stated this week that this work is ongoing and that it expects further non-compliant property owners to be identified in the coming months as a result of this work.
The 2012 NPPR charge which was introduced by the Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 was due by the 30th June and anyone who has not paid the charge is now accruing late payment fees on a monthly basis.
The Council warns that substantial penalties and a possible court fine awaits anyone found in breach of the legislation according.
Commenting on the importance that this revenue has on the Council’s capacity to continue to provide local services, Garry Martin, Director of Finance has again stressed the need for all outstanding payments to be made.
The council says that anyone who has not made contact with the Council is urged to do so immediately to arrange payment and to avoid further action being taken.


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