Northwest public warned again over potentially life threatening cookers

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A call has been issued in the Northwest to locate some models of gas Gas cookercookers which, in certain circumstances, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Certain models of BEKO Leisure and Flavel cookers with a separate oven and grill can produce dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide which poses a serious risk to your health or death.
It is claimed that despite earlier warnings about the dangers and extensive efforts by the manufacturer to contact customers that have bought these cookers, a number have yet to be located.
Derry City Council’s Environmental Health department is urging all consumers with gas cookers, including landlords and letting agents to check if their cooker is one of the makes and models affected.
Make and model of affected Beko, Flavel and Leisure gas cookers
Make     Model Number
(operates on either natural gas or bottled (LPG) gas)
Beko     DCG8511WLPG
Beko     DCG8511PLW
Beko     DG581LWP
Flavel     DCGAP5LS
Flavel     AP5LDWP
Flavel     AP5 LDW
Flavel     AP5LDSP
Leisure     CM10NRK
Leisure      CM10NRC
Leisure      AL6NDW
Leisure     CM101NRCP
Leisure     CM101NRKP
Flavel Milano ML5NDS
Beko, Flavel, Leisure Products with a separate oven and grill that have been converted to run on LPG (bottled gas) after purchase.
More details of the affected models, including helpline number and link to the relevant manufacturer website, can be found by logging on to


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