Councils to examine challenges and opportunities of Brexit at Inishowen conference

The North West Region’s response to the challenges and opportunities of a Brexit will be explored at a conference taking place next week in Inishowen.
This event hosted by Donegal and Derry City and Strabane District Councils will be the first in a series of events led by the two authorities in the context of new regional co-operation arrangements for growing the North West Region.
The event has been co-designed by the Councils with the Irish Government and NI Executive and which have received the formal support of the North South Ministerial Council.
It will focus on the economic options and opportunities for the region as part of a regional dialogue to engage key players from many sectors to look at shared approaches to driving the growth of the region in the context of Brexit and ongoing North-South economic and infrastructural co-operation.
The conference will be attended by key stakeholders from business, academia, the public sector and a range of other agencies and organisations.
Speakers will include Professor Frances Ruane from the Economic and Social Research Insitute who is also advising the Scottish Government on Brexit. Also presenting key evidence and research will be Professor Neil Gibson and Dr Eoin Magennis from Ulster University.
The event is taking place on Tuesday next, December 6th in An Grianan Hotel Burt.


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