Family of Denis Donaldson call on Police Ombudsman to take legal action against Gardai

The family of Denis Donaldson has called on the Police Ombudsman to take legal action against Gardai to gain full access to a journal seized from his home after his murder in 2006.
BBC News reports that the family claim a journal seized by Gardaí from Donaldson’s home has “significant investigative value”.
Denis Donaldson was murdered near his home in Glenties in 2006 after it was revealed he was working as a British informer for 20 years.
The Police Ombudsman has said that Mr Donaldson’s family have indicated that they have new information which will also need to be examined.
BBC News has reported that 10 years since the investigation began, the Police Ombudsman has not received full access to a journal seized by Gardai from Donaldson’s home after his murder.
Gardai say the journal was not returned for reasons of ‘national security’.
Family lawyer, Ciarán Shiels has called for; “direct, urgent and effective action to recover Mr Donaldson’s journal from the possession of Gardaí” and stated that they have uncovered new evidence of a conspiracy by former and current PSNI officers to cover up their role in Donaldson’s death.
In a statement from the Police Ombudsman they say; this complaint was reopened with the appointment of Dr Maguire as Police Ombudsman in 2012, and is now drawing to a close.
Within the next few weeks they will be approaching the PSNI and An Garda Siochana about a number of outstanding issues.
Mr Donaldson’s family has indicated it has new information, which they will also need to examine.


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