Border region records the highest house price increases in CSO survey

Residential property prices rose by 15.2 per cent in the year to March.

Outside the capital the increase was 17.3 per cent, while in Dublin the cost rose by 12.7 per cent.

CSO figures show the cost of houses and apartments continued to rise in the year to March.

The Residential Property Price Index showed the cost increased by 15.2 per cent, that’s up from 15.1 per cent in the year to February.

Prices rose sharply outside the capital, where they went up by 17.3 per cent, compared to 12.7 per cent in Dublin.

The Border region continues to see the largest price increases at just over 25 per cent, at the other end of the scale the Mid-East region saw a 15.2 per cent rise.

The lowest median price for a house in the year to March was 136,500 Euro in Longford while the highest was 601,000 in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown.

The median price of a home nationally bought in the 12 months to March was 285,000 euro.







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