DACC urges Donegal TDs to save Angiogram service at LUH

Minister Charlie McConalogue says that work is ongoing to secure the angiogram service at Letterkenny University Hospital.

In a statement, Minister McConalogue says the Department of health, Saolta and the HSE are working to assess appropriate means for angiogram services to continue at LUH, after the announcement that the mobile cardiology unit currently there will be removed at the end of June.

The statement came after Donegal Action for Cancer Care wrote to the Minister, and Donegal’s other four TDs, urging them to act to save the service.

Chair Betty Holmes says the continued loss of services effectively represents a downgrading of the hospital………….


DACC email in full –

Dear Donegal Minister Mc Conalogue, Deputy Doherty, Deputy Pringle, Deputy McHugh & Deputy MacLochalinn,
Respectfully each of you within your Elected Roles by the people of Donegal must stop removal of this Life Saving Service from Letterkenny University Hospital now!!!
If this is allowed to happen it will be in each of your time in Government, on your watch!! Respectfully will this be part of your professional legacy to the people of Donegal?
The people of Donegal, the patients, need you all to unite & stop this please.
This is another step in Letterkenny Hospital becoming in effect a Community Hospital!! LUH continuously over the years stripped of its key services!!
Taking this life saving service to Sligo, a hospital that has always had bigger budgets etc. despite a lower number of IPD…….Respectfully do they have stronger representation?
Minister & Deputies have you forgotten the DACC map & where we are geographically positioned? I’ve attached it again for you to look at please.
The necessary accommodation, facilities & staff are not in place for the removal of the Cardiac Angiogram service from LUH to Sligo Hospital at the end of June!!!!! So time to stop it!!!
Is it time to take to the streets? Where will each of you be?
Sincerely & desperately asking you to stand with the people of Donegal please.
Betty Holmes DACC

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