Population of Donegal increased by 4.5% since 2016

The population of Donegal has increased by 4.5%.

In Donegal the preliminary figures of the 2022 census show that the population on April 3rd was 166,321, up 7,129 since 2016.

It’s the joint lowest increase in the country.

The population included 83,946 females and 82,375 males. This is an increase of 7,129 (+4.5%) since 2016.

This was made up of a natural increase (ie births minus deaths) of 3,682 and an estimated net inward migration (ie population change minus natural increase) of 3,447.

The total housing stock in Donegal in April 2022 was 86,489.

This shows increase of 2,558 (+3%) since 2016. There were 9,851 vacant dwellings, which was 1,853 fewer than in 2016 (-15.8%).

This does not include holiday homes, of which there were 12,377.


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