PSNI acknowledges cross border element to Mother and Baby Home investigation

PSNI, Police, Northern Ireland

The PSNI is urging people who were victims of Mother & Baby Institutions, Magdalene Laundries and Work Houses to come forward, with a particular appeal to people in the border counties and elsewhere in the republic .

These institutions housed many, including pregnant women and girls from 1922 to 1990 in Northern Ireland, who often felt coerced into giving up their child.

Thousands of people are said to have entered these institutions over a 68-year period and since the investigation was launched in 2021, officers in the dedicated Investigation Team have received 57 reports, including from mothers who have never met their children.

Detective Superintendent Gary Reid is leading this investigation. He believes there are people in Donegal and elsewhere in the Republic who are affected…….

Contact details –


Direct line (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm): 028 9090 1728

From the ROI – 048 9090 1728


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